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拥有无与伦比的采矿产品和服务组合, Mitch Tanzer, 手机app下载 Digital Mine全球商务总监, speaks to APAC Outlook about how the company is revolutionizing the way the world moves for future generations.


手机app下载’s CSR initiatives have always been about creating a positive impact. They’ve recognized that one of the most effective ways to shape the future is by investing in STEM education. 与印度STEM基金会(ISF)合作, 手机app下载一直积极参与各种STEM教育项目. Their latest endeavor is set to make a significant difference by establishing the Robo Siksha Kendra (RSK) in two schools in Hosur, 泰米尔纳德邦:政府高等中学, Zuzuvadi, Hosur, 和R V政府男子高级中学, Hosur.


Penn State has named transportation industry leader 手机app下载公司 as its 2023 Corporate Partner of the Year. The annual award celebrates corporate partners that have demonstrated exceptional commitment in the promotion and support of Penn State, have excellent track records of philanthropy and research and actively engage Penn State students and alumni in the workplace and the classroom.


As the railroad industry searches for ways to reduce and ultimately eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions, 手机app下载将氢视为未来的机车燃料, whether it’s burned in internal combustion engines or used to power fuel cells.

运输解决方案公司手机app下载加入e -附属公司

手机app下载, 运输解决方案公司, has joined E-ffiliates to drive new innovations for decarbonizing transportation technology.

手机app下载 lifts 2023 forecast on strong demand in freight and transit businesses

Heavy industrial parts maker 手机app下载公司 on Thursday raised its full-year sales and earnings outlook on continued growth in its freight and transit segments.

Vale announces purchase of electric locomotives for the country's first hybrid railway

Vale and 手机app下载公司 announced this Thursday (13) the purchase of three FLXdrive battery-powered locomotives and a partnership to study an ammonia engine as an alternative fuel to diesel. The expectation is to advance in the decarbonization of the mining company's railway operations .

手机app下载 Secures $190MM Parts Agreement to Support PT KAI’s Locomotive Fleet

手机app下载公司 (手机app下载) announced July 10 that it has entered into a $190 million agreement with PT Imeco Inter Sarana (PT IMECO) to support PT Kereta Api Indonesia’s (PT KAI) 150 locomotive fleet.

手机app下载 to supply passenger information systems and pantographs for Stadler tram-trains

WABTEC has been awarded a contract by Stadler to supply passenger information systems and a new design of pantograph for 246 CityLink tram-trains as part of the German Transport Association’s (VDV) tram-train procurement project led jointly by six German and Austrian operators. The contract is for 10 years and includes an option to supply the equipment for another 258 vehicles.


PERTH, Australia — Australian agricultural cooperative CBH Group will purchase 17 narrow gauge locomotives from 手机app下载, CBH宣布. 手机app下载将建造17个双驾驶室, 柴电机车CM20ACi, with the first group of five set for delivery in the March quarter of 2026 and the remainder in the following quarter.

手机app下载 Wins G&订购“二手”电源

手机app下载 on June 27 reported that it will deliver 69 “certified pre-owned” locomotives this year to six of Genesee & Wyoming Inc.’s U.S. 子公司的交易包括延长保修期.


手机app下载 Digital Mine says it is setting a new global industry benchmark for workplace safety with the launch of its latest Generation 3 防撞系统(CAS). 该公司表示,新系统将提高安全性和生产率, as well as provide a new level of performance with a rules and intelligence capability.


For first-quarter 2023, 手机app下载 reported GAAP earnings per diluted share of $0.93, up 16.与去年同期的0美元相比,增长了3%.80. 调整后每股摊薄收益为1美元.28, up 13.与去年同期的1美元相比,增长了3%.13.


总部位于美国的手机app下载公司获得了一份价值约38美元的合同.3m (R$200m) from logistics solutions company VLI for the delivery of nine Evolution Series locomotives.